Lump-sum Withdrawal payments (English)/ Dattai Ichijikin

Lump-sum Withdrawal payments ‘Dattai Ichijikin’ ;


You can apply for the lump-sum withdrawal payments ‘Dattai Ichijikin’ if you have the Japanese public pension coverage periods for 6 months or longer. You need to apply for it within 2 years after you leave Japan.
The amount of your lump-sum withdrawal payments ‘Dattai Ichijikin’ will be calculated depending on your coverage periods up to 36 months.
Once you receive your payments ‘Dattai Ichijikin’, however, your coverage periods for the basis of the payments entitlement will no longer be valid to apply for other Japanese benefits.
Please consider whether you claim for the lump-sum withdrawal payments or not after due consideration of pension benefits in the future.